From The Sugar To The Plate

The Marie Antoinette cotton candy at Barton G Miami is the most unique dessert I have ever had. The unique atmosphere of this restaurant makes the meal even more enjoyable-each plate has a game, or unique table setting. The sugary taste of the pink cotton candy with the raspberry cupcakes really make this dish flavorfulContinue reading “From The Sugar To The Plate”

Another Wine Bar George favorite

The artisanal cheese board at Wine bar George is one of the best. From the creamy flavor of the Point Reyes blue cheese to the sharp flavor of the cheddar this dish will blow your mind 🤯. The Savanna Bee Honey has a sweet flavor that perfectly complements the Manchego by making the cheese notContinue reading “Another Wine Bar George favorite”

From The Pasture to the Plate

The burrata at Chef’s Table in Stuart, Florida is the best burrata that I have ever tasted. Chef’s Table is a smaller restaurant, but the complexity of the flavors in the food makes the size not matter. This small building with umbrellas outside of it and the pasta maker at the bar really makes theContinue reading “From The Pasture to the Plate”